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Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Assam

Forging integrated loan level databases and MS Excel based macros to access the database and run the rules of scoring model, enabling automation and process improvement of CMBS Loan Scoring Model that generates reports for deals thereby facilitating speedy decision making

GDP Forecasting Models

Forecasting GDP of Indian economy by employing Time Series Trend, ARIMA and Simultaneous Equation models from quarterly real data collected since 1995, spurring on the formulation of suitable policies as well as inciting economic growth

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COVID-19 Lockdown Survey

Investigating the troubles faced by families living in urban informal settlements in New Delhi realm amid the lockdown necessitated by Covid-19 pandemic, and reviewing its ramifications on employment, income, food security and such other matters with heavy stress on the education, nutrition & healthcare of children; thus, paving the path for attending to and eradicating the same

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