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A small but exceptional group, 25% of the dōnō crew have PhDs (or are PhD candidates), 60% have Master's degrees (some have more than one) and the other 15% have post graduate diplomas.

Leadership Team

Dipyaman Sanyal


Deep, data expert with CFA, MS in Applied Economics. VP at Sorin, Head at Thomson Reuters. 40-under-40 in data science.

Devraj Sanyal


Dev, a seasoned big data engineer with 20+ years, excels in crafting scalable solutions for complex data using various languages.

Advisory Team

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Prof. Avik Sarkar


Avik, former Chief Data Scientist at Niti Aayog, a renowned Indian data scientist, and analytics professor at ISB, specializes in AI, ML, and data solutions for businesses.

Prof. Anirban Chakraborty


Anirban, first Indian Econophysics Ph.D., specializes in data science, complex systems, quantum physics, 70+ publications, Young Scientist Medal 2009.

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Sangeeta Singh


Sangeeta, an experienced consultant with 30+ years in economic policy and regulatory economics, excels in impact assessment, economic modeling, and media contributions. Expertise includes Ernst & Young and PwC India roles.

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Meet the Team

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